Configure your boat´s protection

Key Benefits

ico_ventaja_seguridad_02 Increased safety

Onesailor Docking Systems are not only a solution for entering and leaving a berth; it also makes manoeuvres safer under severe weather conditions. It protects both the boat and the dock. Its innovative design and top-quality materials make this a unique protective product.

ico_ventaja_amortiguacion_02  Gradual buffering

Another Onesailor Docking System innovation is progressive buffering that minimizes the stress when the boat hits the dock. This is achieved through the great elongation of the EPDM profiles. No other product on the market can match them.

One Onesailor accessory is the Mooring Spring, which softens the traction on the deck and dock cleats. It uses compression and so achieves a long-lasting cushioning effect because  there are no buffering components under tension or torque.

ico-ventaja-aire-02   No air-chambers

Unlike other marine products, Onesailor Docking Systems do not contain compressed air, because the progressive damping is achieved by elastic deformation of the EPDM profiles.

This innovation means you can leave your boat, even in winter, without worrying about air leaks in the side fenders or whether the fixed finger or dock fenders have broken or been torn off.

More advantages

 ico_ventaja_instalacion_02   Easy installation on any dock

Onesailor Docking Systems have not only been designed to make sailing easy and effortless, but also for easy installation. That’s why assembly is quick and easy. Anyone can fit them easily and quickly.

ico_ventaja_ralladuras_02   Prevents scratches and stress on the boat

Onesailor products have a long-life, anti-friction insert that prevents scratches on the hull finish and stress on the boat by the pontoon or finger. An economical spares kit is available.  

ico_ventaja_esfuerzos_02   Stress-Stable

The Onesailor Docking Systems have progressive EPDM buffering that withstand the vertical and horizontal stresses to which they are subjected. The durable binding of the EPDM with the aluminium profile is continuous throughout its length, unlike other systems that are fixed to the pontoon at a number of points.

The fixed vertical positioning of the Stern Docking System makes it suitable for boats of different freeboard; in other words, it is suitable for boats of all heights.


ico_ventaja_espacio_02   More space in the mooring

Accessories from our product range, such as Boat Fenders, save space in your mooring. Our fenders are small in diameter, giving more space in the berth.

However, their small size does not mean they are weak. They absorb a great deal of shock that would otherwise act on the boat, dock or finger. They are fitted with an extremely strong and flexible line and a hook to simplify adjusting the fender’s height.


ico_ventaja_pantalanes_02   For all types of pontoons

They can be fitted to all types of docks. The universal fitting system means they can be fitted to aluminium, steel, timber and concrete pontoons.


ico_ventaja_mantenimiento_02   No maintenance needed

The quality of the components and the simplicity of the design mean Onesailor Docking Systems are maintenance free.