Configure your boat´s protection


A solution

Solving the problems and difficulties generated by docking and undocking manoeuvres was the reason why we created Onesailor Docking Systems. It is an innovative docking system that fits to the dock and makes these operations simpler. Our product range is designed for boats that dock stern-to or bow-to. The Stern Docking System was designed to facilitate berthing stern-to. It makes berthing safer for the crew and for the boat.

The Bow Docking System is designed for berthing bow-to. It means you can berth bow-to without help from the crew or dockhand. A single person can dock and undock the boat easily and safely.


A new system

We have created a completely new, environmentally friendly system that makes docking and undocking safer. Its solutions and innovative design are unique. No other product on the market offers the benefits of Onesailor Docking Systems.


Models for all types of vessels

Onesailor Docking Systems offer a complete range of products to meet all user needs. It is suitable for any type of motor boat. Each model comes in several sizes to suit the length of the boat.

The standard colour is ivory white, although other colours are available for installation in new or renovated marinas. With its elegant designs and top-flight safety levels, Onesailor’s wide range will keep your marina ship-shape.


High-Quality and Durable

The Onesailor products are made with top-quality materials that have given satisfaction for over 20 years. The product’s main components are anodized anti-corrosive aluminium, EPDM rubber and Aisi-316 stainless steel.

These components have been chosen to withstand the harshest environmental conditions. The product is UV and marine environment-resistant . Onesailor products are guaranteed for 5 years.


Continuous innovation

Onesailor Docking Systems are continuously evolving. We are always immersed in R&D&i to achieve the very best complementary solutions and adapt the system to new needs of boat owners. Our R&D&i department is working on new products to achieve greater efficiency, safety, comfort and aesthetics. Onesailor Docking Systems has been certified by the Tecnitas entity (Bureau Veritas) for recreational craft and small fishing vessels.