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Onesailor Bow

The bow docking system is designed for single-handed, safe and simple bow-to docking. The skipper does not need help from dock hands or crew.

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  • Resolves security issues during docking and undocking manoeuvres.
  • The boat can be positioned against the finger, thus making embarking and disembarking safer, as there is no risk of falling between them.
  • Protects the stem (bow) against impacts on the dock during manoeuvres.
  • Ivory-coloured EPDM synthetic rubber structure
  • Progressive air-free damping chambers.
  • Built-in a position limiter at each of its ends.
  • With anti-friction insert
  • Anodised aluminium fastening system and Aisi-316 stainless steel hardware
  • Very effective in the presence of wind and/or currents.
  • Easily fitted
  • Suitable for use with motor boats
  • Recommended for a bow angle of under 90º, with or without finger piers.


Onesailor Bow 115 cm.

Diseñado para sistemas flotantes y embarcaciones con una eslora de hasta 15 metros.

Onesailor Bow-L 115 cm.

Adecuado para sistemas flotantes y con embarcaciones con hasta 20 metros de eslora.


Modelo Eslora Pantalán
Hasta 12 metros De 12 a 15 metros Fijo Flotante
001-OS BOW-M Manual
002-OS BOW-L Manual