Configure your boat´s protection


Silkus is a company based in Spain as a manufacturer of docking systems, mooring solutions and  pontoon fenders.

onesailor_logoThe brand Onesailor, created by Silkus in the year 2011 means a new concept in boat protection.  As a business project, it started with a team of professionals, highly qualified and sailing lovers, fully involved to turn this idea into reality.

With his knowledge as an industrial engineer and his passion as a sailor, Juan Pereiro gathered a team of experienced professionals, specialized in several fields such as polymers, elastomers and metals. From the beginning, this team focused in giving shape to what would become the Onesailor´s first range of products.

The right selection of suppliers and the development of its own assembly machines for finished product, result in starting up the manufacturing plant in 2012.

From that moment, the main activity of the company Silkus goes toward the creation of a solid commercial structure in order to introduce its nautical products as new solutions to typical needs in this market.

The goal, clearly defined from the beginning of this project, is to provide the end users not only with a protection for their boat but also with a safe solution while docking without help of the crew. This means, in addition, peace of mind when the boat remains moored for long periods of time and during rough weather conditions.

Currently, our R&D department keeps working to develop prototypes to increase the range of products, bringing new solutions to the nautical field.