Configure your boat´s protection

The reason to be for Onesailor can be simply explained in four questions. Bumpers, inflatable fenders and mooring springs have been protecting boats for 30 years, but…



Because other products available so far for boat protection are not always totally functional, and there is a percentage of users who have suffered incidents and even accidents with their boats. Puncture, deflation, detachement by tear or displacement …

Those unsatisfied users demand something else.




The best contribution of Onesailor range is RELIABILITY.

Safety throughout time is what really provides peace of mind, knowing that our boat is protected even when not under surveillance.

Moreover, Onesailor products bring other positive aspects:

  • Finger end is no longer a risky spot, but a leaning point that we can approach with no panic and guide the boat into the berth.
  • No more failed attempts to enter the berth, we can resolutely dock at first manoeuvre.
  • No more hanging and stowing of fenders, we only have to carry on board the necessary ones to lie alongisde a boat or dock away.
  • It looks neat, our boat’s line will not show hanging fenders, bow or stern protectors.
  • It is environmentally friendly, its rubber will not flake nor powder away.


  • There is no compressed air inside, it is built of open cells, avoiding puncture or deflation.
  • The cells have a different shape depending on their position in the fender, they are placed to provide progressive damping. At a first touch the material could seem too hard, however the design of the cells makes it conveniently adaptable, being at the same time resistant to impacts.
  • Its specific long lasting EPDM rubber formula keeps its properties intact in terms of flexibility and shape. All Onesailor products are guaranteed for five years.

For whom?

  • For those who have had an incident or have experienced a dangerous situation.
  • For those who would like to get rid of hanging and unhanging fenders, or would like to save space on board to stowe some other things.
  • For those who enjoy sailing on their own.
  • For those who look for something else regarding safety for their boat and their crew.
  • For those who sail singlehanded.