Configure your boat´s protection
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Systems for easy docking and secure berthing
suitable for all types of vessels and pontoons
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Greater safety when docking

Our systems enhance the safety of the crew during docking and undocking manoeuvres.


Gradual buffering

They incorporate a unique progressive buffering system made from EPDM giving greater elongation, reducing the impact of the boat against the dock.


No air-chambers

Onesailor products do not contain compressed air, a feature that ensures durability, as well as avoiding punctures or air leaks.


Easy installation on any dock

Quick and simple assembly. They are easily and quickly installed.


Prevents scratches and stress on the boat

Fitted with a long-lasting anti-friction insert that prevents damage to the boat.



Progressive buffering can withstand the vertical and horizontal stresses to which our products are subjected.


More space in the mooring

Reduced-diameter side fenders allow greater space in the berth.


For all types of pontoons

The universal fitting system allows for use on aluminium, steel, wood and concrete pontoons.


No maintenance

The quality materials and simple design means Onesailor products do not need maintenance


Onesailor Stern

Makes stern-to berthing simple. Provides safer manoeuvring and makes embarking and disembarking easier, avoiding the potential hazard of falling between the dock and the boat. It protects the boat from possible impacts on the pontoon.


Onesailor Bow

The bow docking system is designed for single-handed, safe and simple bow-to docking. The skipper does not need help from dock hands or crew.


Mooring compensator


More products Onesailor

Our range also includes Finger Fender, Boat Fender and Piling Fenders, that protect the boat against impacts and friction against the dock, and Mooring Spring, designed to reduce tension in the mooring line.


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